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Data Cleaning

Clean, verify, and enrich data automatically.

What does the data cleaning app do?

The data cleaning app does all the heavy lifting for cleaning sales and marketing lists and lets you pass that data to other applications automatically.
  • Get prospects from a Sales Navigator Search
  • Split business and personal emails and create a best email column
  • Standardize data - removing content that makes for awkward automations, such as LLc in company names, or MBA in people's names.
  • Enrich to find additional data, such as missing Linkedin Profile URLs
  • De-Duplication
  • Generate personalized icebreakers with AI for more engaging outreach messages.
  • Verify emails automatically - results returned are either valid or accept all only.
  • Send data to external applications or internal campaigns.
The Data Cleaning app is included in all Linkedin Outreach and managed Email Deliverability and List Building subscriptions.

Data Cleaning Form

The Data Cleaning form is the core automation. Fill out the Data Cleaning form for new prospect lists.


Enrich data with third-party applications or send to external campaigns with our integrations.


View, edit, and get analytics on existing lists.