Example Message

Here is an example message for the Upwork Auto Apply bot.

Include a link to your calendar in your message to have sales meetings show up on auto pilot.

Cover Letter


Great to connect! I am an expert in data and automation and can help with your lead generation.

A few things I can do:

  • Get thousands of email addresses from Linkedin every day.

  • Email sequences where if someone clicks on a link in a sales email, they automatically get a Linkedin connection request from you.

  • Personalize Linkedin outreach at scale. For example, someone with a marketing title gets one message and someone with an operations title gets a different message. Comment on where they went to school, a skill they have, or mention a shared connection - without even opening their Linkedin profile yourself.

  • Build a fully automated newsletter that finds new content, curates it for relevancy, formats it into a templated format and sends it out to your subscribers on a weekly basis. No need for a human.

That’s just the beginning! Don’t hire anyone who can just write an email, hire me and I’ll show you what’s possible.

Pick a time that works to connect: https://www.big-brain.co/contact


Default Message

Let's get on a call.

Upwork job posters can ask a variable number of questions beyond the cover letter. Some jobs do not ask additional questions, but the ones that do need a default message beyond the cover letter. This should be something generic that can be used to encourage them to take the next step, such as "Let's get on a call."

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