Data Cleaning Form

Find, clean, and enrich prospecting data.

The Data Cleaning lets automation do the heavy lifting.

Requirements Before Using the Data Cleaning App

Have the following done before completing the form.

  • Find Sales Leads

    • Parvenu (with emails) - imported to your Google Sheet and you have the List name

    • Sales Navigator Search (without emails) - have the search URL and have connected your Linkedin account to Big Brain

    • Google Sheets - Ensure that the Google Sheet is publicly editable.

    • Mailshake - add your Mailshake API Key to Big Brain.

  • Connect a Linkedin Account - You must have a Linkedin account connected to Big Brain to use any of the following

    • Source - Sales Navigator Search URL - Must be a Sales Navigator account

    • Data Enrichment - Linkedin Profile Scraper

    • Data Enrichment - Personalize with AI

Filling Out the Data Cleaning Form

  • Navigate to the Data Cleaning tab

  • Fill out

    • Sources

    • Data Enrichment

    • Filters

    • Destinations

  • Save the form


Sources are the inputs you want to clean.


Give your List a name.

When using Parvenu or Google Sheets as a source, the list name should be an exact match to the list name in Parvenu / have a column in the Google Sheet source that matches the list name in Big Brain. Otherwise, the list name is descriptive and can be anything.


The available sources are

  • Parvenu - best option for finding emails from Linkedin

  • Sales Navigator Search - this option does not find email addresses

  • Google Sheets - import your own custom data

  • Mailshake - Sync Mailshake contacts with Big Brain and send them to a Linkedin campaign for multi-channel outreach.

All Google Sheets must having sharing set to publicly editable.

You can view how to configure each source separately below.


Data Enrichment

We can enrich your input data with additional data from external sources. The available data enrichments are

You can view how to configure each data enrichment separately below.

pageData Enrichment


You can filter contacts to remove less relevant ones from your outreach. Filter options are as follows

  • Title Contains - The prospect's job title must contain at least one of these words. IE director

  • Title Not Contains - The prospect's job title cannot contain any of these words. IE assistant.

  • Company Not Contains - The prospect's company name cannot contain any of these words. IE staffing

  • Website Not Contains - The prospect's company domain cannot contain any of these extensions. IE .edu

You can view how to configure your filters below.



Finally you can send your cleaned data directly to external apps or internal campaigns. Available destinations are as follows.

You can view how to configure each of the destinations below.


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