Can I use a new Linkedin account?

Can I use a new Linkedin account?

Yes, you can use a Linkedin account with few existing connections, but you may experience more difficulties than using an established account.

It's a best practice to use accounts with established connections.

What kind of challenges come from using a new Linkedin account?

Out of Network Profiles

The biggest challenge when it comes to sending with new accounts is out of network profiles. You can view the profiles of anybody who is a 3rd degree connection or closer. Contacts out of this are considered "Out of Network" and you can't connect with them until you are at least a 3rd degree connection or closer.

Accounts with fewer connections will see this more frequently.

Increased Limitations and Lower Limits

Accounts with fewer connections may have increased limitations. You may be able to send fewer connection requests or more easily have your account restricted than accounts with an established network.

How can I mitigate these challenges?

Add Legitimate Connections

Connect with people you know in real life to increase the universe of profiles in your network.

Upgrade to Sales Navigator

Paid accounts have fewer limitations than free accounts. You'll likely still be more limited than accounts with established connections, but you'll have fewer restrictions than new and free accounts.

Personalize your outreach

Personalization increases your engagement and the limitations on your account directly correlate to the engagement you receive on the invitations you can send. If you get better engagement, you'll have fewer limitations on your account.

Be patient

All established accounts were new accounts at one point. The key to automation is a paced approach over an extended period of time. Most limitations or restrictions come from an adjustment period where your account went from not sending at all to sending the maximum allowed. Once sending closer to the maximum becomes the new normal, there will be fewer restrictions on the account.

Use an account with established connections

Ultimately it's better to use an existing account with an established network than a new account without a network. There's often a temptation to want to "protect" an account by creating a new one, but the reality is that new accounts have a higher risk than established accounts.

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