Personalize with AI

Create personalized icebreakers for more engaging prospecting messages.

You can personalize outreach messages to prospects with our Open AI integration. Add your API Key and create any custom prompts you want to use, or use our proven default prompts to create engaging content.

pageOpen AI


Select "Personalize with AI" and "Profile Scraper" to create personalized icebreakers for your outreach messages. Additionally, select "Linkedin Profile Finder" if you do not already have their Linkedin Profile URL as a part of your source data.

Linkedin Account ID

Enter the Linkedin Account ID of the account you want to use to scrape the Linkedin profiles.

pageConnect a New Linkedin Account

To get the Linkedin Account ID simply click "Show Campaign Helper" and scroll down to "Accounts" and click to open the dropdown. Paste the value of the account you want to use in the Linkedin Account ID.

Personalize With

Choose which fields you want to use for personalization. The available personalizations are

  • Headline

  • Location

  • Company

  • School

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