What if my Email gets Suspended?

What happens if a sending email gets suspended?

Why was the account suspended?

There are several reasons an email account can be suspended

The most common reason an email account gets suspended is too quick of a warmup on a new domain.

  • High spam rate

  • Too quick warmup

  • High bounce rate

  • Inaccurate targeting

  • Too new of a domain

Measures to mitigate impact

  • Separate your primary domain and cold email sending domains to protect your primary domain

  • Have multiple sending domains, so if something happens to one the others are unaffected

Can a suspended account be restored?

Yes, you can restore a suspended account here, as long as this isn't your 5+ suspension in a single calendar year.

A Google account can be suspended 5 times per calendar year before being permanently suspended.

What are next steps if an account is suspended?

  • Restore the suspended account and reconnect it to sending platforms.

  • Re-enable warmup, which will have been disabled due to the suspension.

  • Diagnose why the account was suspended. See if you were just warming up too quickly, or if you have an underlying spam problem.

  • Take actions to mitigate risk of future suspension, such as reducing email sending volume or slowing warmup period.

Is suspension a big deal?

Email accounts getting suspended when doing cold email outreach is normal and not generally a cause for concern. Email accounts can be restored up to 5 times in a calendar year with only admin access.

If you're not already sending from multiple domains, consider doing so to better mitigate risk. Never send cold emails from your primary domain.

While email accounts getting suspended is inevitable, I've never had a single email account be permanently disabled.

If the suspension doesn't come from an underlying spam problem, then you have nothing to worry about if your account gets suspended. It likely takes just slowing down a little to address the problem in most cases.

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