Linkedin Outreach

Send connection requests, follow up messages, and inMails to prospects from the Data Cleaning app.

You can send cleaned data from Big Brain to Linkedin outreach campaigns that let you send connection requests, follow up messages, and inMails to prospects.

Send Prospects to a Linkedin / inMail Campaign


Select "Linkedin Outreach" as your destination.

Linkedin Campaign ID / inMail Campaign ID

Create a Linkedin Campaign in the Linkedin Outreach app if you have not already done so.

pageCreate / Update Linkedin Campaigns

To get the Linkedin Campaign ID simply click "Show Campaign Helper" and scroll down to "Campaigns" and click to open the dropdown. Paste the value of the campaign you want to use in the Linkedin Campaign ID.

You can map 1 list to both a Linkedin Outreach campaign and an inMail Outreach campaign. Both Linkedin Campaign ID and inMail Campaign ID are both found under Linkedin Campaign ID in the Campaign Helper.

Remove a Prospects in a List from a Linkedin Campaign

You can remove the list of prospects from you Linkedin campaign by either

  • Editing the list to remove the Linkedin Campaign ID mapping

  • Deleting the list

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