Mailshake Campaign

Send cleaned data from Big Brain to Mailshake sequences.

You can send cleaned data from Big Brain directly to Mailshake sequences.

Add Your Mailshake API Key

Ensure that you have added your Mailshake API Key before proceeding.

pageAdd Mailshake API Key

Filling Out the Data Cleaning Form with Mailshake as a Destination


Select "Mailshake Campaign" as your destination.

Single Campaign

Select this option if you want all prospects to go to a single Mailshake campaign.

Mailshake Campaign ID

Get the Mailshake Campaign ID from the URL of your Mailshake Campaign. Paste it into the Mailshake Campaign ID field.

Multiple Campaigns

Select this option if you want to segment your prospects into multiple Mailshake campaigns.

You must use a Google Sheet as your source to send to multiple Mailshake campaigns.

In your Google Sheet source, have a column that indicates which Mailshake campaign ID the prospects should be sent to. You can have different campaigns for different prospects. Fill in the column name that holds the Mailshake Campaign IDs.

Personalizing with AI

You can create personalized Icebreakers to use as text replacements by selecting Personalize with AI in the Data Enrichment section.

Set up your Personalize with AI Enrichment

Read more about how to configure this here.

pagePersonalize with AI

This will generate highly personalized icebreakers that can be used as text replacements in your Mailshake campaign, the same way you can personalize {{firstName}} or {{company}}.

Set up your Personalization within Mailshake

Use Icebreakers as Text Replacements in Mailshake

To add personalization in Mailshake, you'll simply need to add the Icebreakers as a text replacement by adding {{Icebreaker 1}} or any other icebreaker.

PersonalizationText Replacement in Mailshake


{{Icebreaker 1}}


{{Icebreaker 2}}


{{Icebreaker 3}}


{{Icebreaker 4}}

Adding A Fallback Text

The Personalize with AI automation has a good fill rate, but in some cases the information is not available to create icebreakers with. For example, a prospect doesn't have their school listed, but you've selected school as a personalization. In this case it's best to add a fallback message that will be used instead if we weren't able to personalize based on a field you've selected.

{{Icebreaker 4}}

To do this, add a ":" and then write your fallback message.

{{Icebreaker 4: Great to connect!}}

If you use the above text replacement in your Mailshake campaign, it will personalize based on their school if their school was listed, but substitute in "Great to connect!" if their school wasn't listed.

If you don't add a fallback message in Mailshake and we aren't able to personalize on one of the fields you've selected, Mailshake will give you an error for that prospect and prevent sending to them. Add a fallback message to remove this error and have all your messages go out.

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