Reconnect Expired Linkedin Account

You'll periodically need to reconnect your Linkedin account to continue running automations.

We use session cookies to connect to your Linkedin account. These session cookies are a safe method of authentication, but the occasionally need to be reset. Some reasons the session cookies expire

  • You viewed too many pages in too short of an amount of time.

  • You manually logged out of your Linkedin account.

  • You're using another automation tool at the same time.

  • You haven't updated your cookie in ~1 week.

New Linkedin Accounts, accounts with heavy automation, or accounts with few existing connections may have to reconnect their cookie more frequently.

Reconnecting expired Linkedin accounts is easy.

  1. Install the Captain Data Chrome Extension. This will allow us to get a new cookie from Linkedin. No need to create an account!

  2. See that your cookie has expired on the Accounts page.

  • Your Account Status will be red if your cookie is expired.

  • Your Account Status will be green if your cookie is connected.

  1. Open the Linkedin account you want to connect in a new tab.

  2. Select "Reset Cookie" from the Accounts page. This will open up a new page. Select "Configure the Account."

Your Linkedin account has been reconnected!

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