Parvenu lets you find emails from a Linkedin or Sales Navigator search


The best option if your search requires finding email addresses.

  1. Register for a 7-day trial with Parvenu.

  2. Install the Parvenu Extension.

  3. Get data with emails from social media searches. Documentation

  4. Open the Public Google Sheet URL in the "Linkedin Search" tab of Data Cleaning App. This Google Sheet is automatically generated, but can be replaced with another Sheet.

5. Download the file from Parvenu as a CSV

6. Import the file into the Google Sheet by selecting the "Replace Current Sheet" option.

Select "Replace the Current Sheet" or "Append" - do not select "Replace Spreadsheet"

7. Paste the List from Parvenu into the Data Cleaning app.

The List name in the Data Cleaning app must be an exact match to the List name in Parvenu.

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