Upwork Auto Apply FAQ

What rate is used when applying to jobs on Upwork?

The rate used in your application depends on if the job is hourly or project-based.

Hourly - The bot will apply with the hourly rate listed on your Upwork profile.

Project-Based - The bot will apply with the listed budget of the job.

You can negotiatie on price after you've connected with them on a call.

How many jobs does the bot apply to?

The bot applies every hour to jobs posted on Upwork. The number of applications it sends per hour is set with the Applications per Launch setting on the Account tab of the Upwork Auto Apply page.

For example: A bot applying to 2 jobs per launch, launches 24 times per day, for a maximum of 48 jobs per day.

The recommended Applications per Launch is 2.

How quickly will the bot apply to a new job on Upwork?

The bot typically applies to jobs within an hour of them being posted. If more jobs are posted than you apply to in an hour, it will save that job for a future launch.

Example Applications per Launch: 2 Hour 1: Jobs Posted: A, B, C Jobs Applied: A, B Jobs Stored for Future Launch: C Hour 2 Jobs Posted: D Jobs Applied: C, D

Jobs Stored for Future Launch: None

Can I have different messages for different Upwork searches?

Yes, under the Create Campaign tab just submit separate searches with messaging tailored to each search. For example, a search about email deliverability can have one message and a search about growth hacking can have a separate message.

How does Auto Refill work?

Auto Refill can be set to either true or false.

True: The Upwork bot will purchase more Upwork credits as needed with the payment method stored on your Upwork account. This ensures the bot never stops running.

False: The Upwork bot will apply to jobs until you are out of credits. It will stop running until you manually buy more credits, or turn Auto Refill on.

How much does the Upwork bot spend when it buys more credits automatically?

The bot buys credits in increments of $15.

Does the Upwork bot use boosted proposals?

No, the Upwork bot does not currently use boosted proposals.

Boosted proposals ensure clients see your proposal before other proposals that are sent. Since the bot applies within the first hour of the job being posted, they will already see your proposal before other freelancers' proposals.

If you want us to consider prioritizing boosted proposals, upvote it on the Roadmap.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we have a 14-day free trial on all plans. Get started by creating an account here.

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