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Linkedin Outreach

Send connection requests and follow up messages on Linkedin automatically.

Connect a New Linkedin Account

Configure your Linkedin account credentials to run automations.

Reconnect an Expired Linkedin Account

You'll periodically need to reconnect your Linkedin account to continue running automations.

Create a New Message Sequence

You can create Linkedin message sequences directly in Big Brain. To create a new message sequence, see here:

Update Existing Message Sequence

You can view and update your existing sequences from the "Sequences" tab of the Linkedin Outreach app.

Personalize with Text Replacements

You can add personalization such as {First Name} to dynamically insert data. See a full list of text replacements here:

Clean Prospect Data

The last thing you'll want to do before creating a new outreach campaign is to clean prospect list with the Data Cleaning workflow.

Create a New Linkedin Campaign

Once you've connected your Linkedin account, created a sequence, and cleaned a prospect list, you're ready to schedule your outreach campaign.

Update Existing Linkedin Campaigns

You view and update your existing Linkedin campaigns from the "Campaigns" tab.


Learn the steps we take to ensure your account is safe.

Linkedin Analytics

Track your progress with native analytics.