New Job Sync

Create a new daily sync.

Set "Date Posted" to "Paste 24 Hours" as the bot will re-scrape the same URL daily.

  1. Type a job search term into Linkedin

  2. Select "Jobs" as the type of search

  3. Add additional filters to your search.

2. Fill out the New Job Sync Tab

Navigate to the Job Sync app and select the "New Job Sync" tab.

Description - Name your job sync campaign with something descriptive. IE Developers in Atlanta

Query - Paste your Linkedin Job search URL in this field.

Linkedin Account ID - The account ID you want to use to view jobs.

You must have a Linkedin account connected to Big Brain to use the Job Sync.

Mailshake Campaign ID - Get the ID from the URL of an existing Mailshake Campaign.

Save the sync.

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