Keeping your account protected is our top priority

Steps We Take to Protect your Account

Rate Limiting

We rate limit your automations to ensure you stay within the limits you're supposed to. Instead of sending a ton of messages at once, we will space them out over time.


Proxy with a Dedicated IP Address

Each account has a dedicated IP address that's unique to that account. You will never log in with the same IP address as another user.

We use session cookies to access your account. The difference is that rather than inputting a username or password, having to bypass captcha, and dealing with all the security that comes with the login page, we skip this step by accessing an already logged in session rather than creating a new login.

What happens if I see a warning message about automation?

It's not uncommon to see a warning message about the use of automation tools. Not to worry as most accounts that use automation see this at some point. It's not a big deal and we've never had an account be permanently suspended.

Why isn't this a big deal? It's not so much that they are actually detecting automation software being used, it's that there was a change in the activity levels of your account. If you go from not sending connection requests at all to sending the maximum allowed weekly limit, they might see this as a big jump in the activity on your account. Once they've gotten used to your increased level of activity, they will no longer be detecting big changes to your activity and the security measures we take will keep your account safe.

They would ban a lot of real user accounts that aren't using automation if they banned based on session cookies. Session cookie based authentication protects your account.

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