Do I need to upgrade my Linkedin account?

Linkedin offers 4 types of premium offers

  • Sales Navigator

  • Recruiter

  • Recruiter Lite

  • Premium

ComparisonSales NavigatorRecruiterRecruiter LitePremium


Monthly Price

$99.99 / month

$1080+ / month

$170 / month


Paid inMail Volume

50-150 / month

100-150 / month

30 / month

15 / month

Free inMail

Up to 900 / month



Target Audience

Sales Professionals

Recruiting Firms

Solo Recruiters

Job Seekers

Do I need a paid Linkedin account?

No, you can run automations from a free Linkedin account.

A paid Linkedin account is not required.

What do I not get if I use a free account?

inMail messages are a type of message that can only be sent from paid accounts. You will still be able to send up to 400 connection requests / month and unlimited follow ups to people who accept your connection request from a free account.

You can still send connection requests and follow up messages if you're using a free account, but you can only send inMail with a paid account.

What you won't be able to do is send inMail messages specifically. Each Linkedin account gets 50-150 paid inMail credits / month. On top of that you can send ~900 free inMails / month.

Additionally, Sales Navigator offers better filtering than free accounts. Sales Navigator lets you search by filters such as seniority, company size, function, finding group members, technology stack, etc.

If you're on a managed plan with a free Linkedin account, your lists can still be built using the advanced filters by building the lists in our accounts instead of yours. This gives you access to the advanced filtering without the cost. You will still not be able to send inMail messages without a paid account.

Which subscription should I get if I want to upgrade?

Sales Navigator.

The type of paid account you want is Sales Navigator.

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