Add an Upwork Account

  1. Login to Big Brain

  2. Navigate to the Accounts Page

  3. Select the "Upwork" tab

  4. Fill in the information about your Upwork account

You should only fill out either Freelancer or Agency, not both as this designates which account you want to send the application from.



The email address associated with your Upwork account


The password associated with your Upwork account.

Security Answer*

The security answer associated with your Upwork account. The bot will be prompted to enter this information when first logging in from a new location.


The freelancer's full name, as displayed in Upwork. Only required if Agency is blank.


The agency name, as displayed in Upwork. This is only required if you want to apply from an agency profile instead of a freelancer profile. Only required if Freelancer is blank.

Applications per Launch

The number of applications you want to send each time the bot launches. The bot launches once per hour. Default 2 per hour

Auto Refill

True / False if you want the bot to automatically purchase more application credits when your account does not have enough. If this is set to "false" and your account doesn't have enough credits, the bot will not run.


True / False for if the bot is active.

*Required field

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