Getting Started

The first thing you'll need to do to use the bot is to correctly set up your Upwork profile.

1. Select which account type you'll work with


Freelancer accounts are free accounts that let you apply to jobs as an individual.


Agency accounts let you work with a team of people on a project. Agency accounts have a $20 / month membership fee. Agency accounts have higher limits.

2. Set up your tax information and verify your Upwork account

In order to apply from either account type, you'll need to add your tax information and verify your Upwork account. These can both be done in the settings.

If you're already applying to jobs by hand, you've most likely done this step already.

3. If you're using an agency account, choose if you'll be exclusive or non-exclusive.

Exclusive agency member accounts mean that a freelancer can only work for that agency and no one else (including themselves), while non-exclusive agency member accounts mean that freelancer can work for either themselves or also another agency.

A common mistake is to register for an agency account, but not complete the payment for the premium account while simultaneously making the agency member account exclusive. Since this setting says a freelancer can only work for that agency and can't work for themselves, but they haven't paid for the account, this would make you unable to submit applications for either. You should either choose non-exclusive agency member, or if you are using exclusive agency member you should fully set up your agency profile in order to apply to jobs.

4. Disable 2FA

Upwork offers several options for 2FA. To ensure the bot can log into your account, you should make sure the following are disabled on your account.

  • Authenticator app

  • SMS verification code

  • Upwork mobile app prompts

The only 2FA accepted is the security question, which can be used as an input in Big Brain.

5. Disable Social Sign In

The Upwork bot works by using a username or email address and a password. If you are using Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple, disable these and replace them with a username and password to sign in.

Do not use Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple.

  1. Go to settings

  2. User Settings

  3. Connected Services

  4. Disconnect

You must use a username or email and a password to sign into Upwork.

6. Apply to a job by hand

The automation can only do what you can do by hand. If you haven't correctly set up your Upwork profile and can't apply to a job by hand, you won't be able to apply automatically. Ensure that you can apply to jobs by hand before attempting to automate it.

Once you can submit an application by hand, you are able to use the bot.

7. FAQ

See frequently asked questions about the Upwork Auto Apply.

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