Connect a New Linkedin Account

Add a Linkedin account to Big Brain

  1. Install EditThisCookie Chrome Extension

  2. Login to Big Brain

  3. Navigate to the Accounts tab of the Linkedin Outreach app.

  4. Select "Connect a New Account"

  5. Fill in the name, account type, email and password associated with the account you are connecting

  6. Open Linkedin in a new tab.

  7. Use the EditThisCookie extension to get the li_at cookie from this tab and paste it in the Session Cookie field. This establishes a connection with your account.

  1. Submit the form.


Linkedin Account Name*

The name associated with your account


The email address / username associated with your account


The password associated with your account.

Session Cookie*

li_at token used to connect to your Linkedin account.

*Required field

It can take up to 5 minutes to connect a Linkedin account after submitting.

After your account has been connected, the account information will be displayed in the Big Brain accounts section.

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