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Upwork Auto Apply

Book 5-10 meetings / week on Upwork automatically
Pull in new jobs posted on Upwork, filter for relevance, and apply within minutes of them being posted with a personalized application. Get 5-10 meetings per week by putting a calendar link in your application message.

Getting Started

On onboarding checklist to make sure your account is ready to use the bot. Go through this checklist to make sure your account is ready to go.
Your Upwork account may not be properly configured to work with the bot. Go through the Getting Started checklist even if you're already using Upwork.

Add an Upwork Account

Configure your Upwork account credentials within the bot.


View your monthly application limit.

Create an Upwork Campaign

How to add a new jobs search for the bot to apply to.

Example Message

Include a link to your calendar in your message to have sales meetings show up on auto pilot.
Example message used in the Upwork bot.


Create a Big Brain account and select a plan for a 14-day Free Trail here. Pricing is based on the number of applications you send through the bot.