Create a Message Sequence / Update Existing Message Sequences

You can create new message sequences or make updates to message sequences from the "Sequences" tab of the Linkedin Outreach app.

Create a New Sequence

From the Sequences section, select "Create a Sequence." Give the sequence a name and select which channel it will come from.

You can add text replacements such as {First Name} and {Company} to dynamically populate those fields with personalized information. Read more about how to Personalize with Text Replacements.

Linkedin - Connection Requests with Follow Ups

Write your messages and choose the number of days between follow ups. Prospects must accept your connection request in order to receive follow ups.

The connection request message is limited to 300 characters.

The days between messages will default to 3 days if left blank.

Sales Navigator - inMail

Write an inMail Subject and an inMail body.

inMails can be sent regardless of whether you are connected or not.

There are no follow up messages to inMails. Where a connection request sequence should nurture a prospect over time, an inMail message should include a full pitch.

You cannot use text replacements such as {First Name} and {Company} in the inMail Subject.

Edit an Existing Sequence

You can view your existing sequences from the Sequences tab.

Scroll to the right to reveal the "Edit" button.

Clicking edit will reveal a sequences modal. You can make edits to your existing sequences here. Click "Save edits" when finished editing.

Changes to your messages take affect immediately. However, if you sent a connection request with an older message 6 weeks ago and they accept it today - the date displayed in Linkedin will be the date they accepted the connection request and NOT the date you sent the connection request. This does not mean older messages are continuing to send.

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