Google Sheets

Import data from anywhere into Big Brain via Google Sheets.

If you already have prospect data that you want to clean, you can use the Google Sheets source to import the list of contacts into Big Brain. Simply select "Google Sheets" as a source and import your prospect data.

List Name

Your list name when using Google Sheets as a source in Big Brain must be an exact match to the List column in the Google Sheet.

Public Google Sheet URL

A Google Sheet will automatically be created for your Big Brain account. Open this Sheet and import your prospects.

You must make the data you are importing line up with the existing columns. Do not replace the Spreadsheet.

You can replace the default Google Sheet URL provided with a new Google Sheet, but you must set the share options to Publicly Editable.

Create a Sync

If you check this box, Big Brain will watch the Google Sheet for new prospects on a daily basis. You can add new prospects to the bottom of the Sheet and your data cleaning setup will automatically be applied to new prospects. If you leave this checkbox blank, we will import prospects one-time, but won't re-check the Sheet for new prospects until you submit the Data Cleaning form again.

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