Linkedin Analytics

  1. Select the Linkedin Campaign to view the analytics.


Last 7 Days of Activity

You can view your last 7 days of activity in graph form. This currently tracks

  • Connection Requests Sent

  • Follow Up Messages Sent

Linkedin Account Analytics

Analytics on your Linkedin account across all campaigns combined.

  • The account that's associated with this campaign.

  • Number of connection requests sent today.

  • Number of follow up messages sent today.

  • The account status.

Linkedin Outreach Analytics

Get an overview of how your campaign is performing.

  • Total number of connection requests sent in this campaign

  • Your acceptance rate

  • Number of new connections from this campaign.

  • Number of follow ups sent.

inMail Outreach Analytics

You can view inMail analytics

  • Number of inMail sent in this campaign.

  • A link to a Google Sheet containing the prospects in inMail outreach.

Contacts Analytics

You can view analytics on your contacts in the campaign.

  • Contacts in Linkedin Campaign

  • Contacts Remaining in Linkedin Campaign

  • Contacts in inMail Campaign

  • Contacts Remaining in inMail Campaign

Campaign Statuses

You can view Campaign Statuses and use this to debug anything that may be wrong with your campaigns.

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